Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jericho's Disaster

Tuesday night's episode, most likely the third-to-last episode ever, did nothing to allay my fears about the direction Jericho has taken. After plowing through two seasons of Lost, the lack of production value this season on Jericho is all to evident. Just like Lost, Jericho's first season was sprawling- now we're stuck with the darkened medical center and a few on location shots that don't even attempt to give us the illusion of Kansas (the crossroads where the shootout occurs and the road to New Bern, where Goetz's body was strung up).

As I've been saying all season, the plot line is paper thin. Goetz's embezzlement of $10,000 was a poorly designed motivation to trigger Mimi's shooting and Bonnie's death. It just makes no sense- the guy could kill who he wanted and steal what he wanted from the population, so why bother embezzling from his employer? Rather than poignant, the character moments seem rushed, just like everything else on the show. I understand the show needed to work an entire season down to seven episodes, but I just don't think the writers have done a very good job.

That being said, there were a few good moments last night- one was the Ravenwood men showing up at Hawkins house only to find out that he wasn't to be messed with. And the scene with Stanley signing to his dead sister was just heartbreaking. But here's the thing- that scene with Stanley signing happened after we had another scene of him sitting in the morgue talking to Eric, who looked like he was too bored to bothered with Bonnie's death. The emotional moments of Stanley saying goodbye to his sister was needed, but we didn't need to see Eric hanging around taking up airtime.

The worst part is that the story arc this season could have been awesome. Ravenwood's relationship with the new government is a bit cliche, but it could have worked well in the context of better storytelling. The New Bern angle should have been more fully developed, as should have Heather's role- I'm still not quite sure what it is that she's doing. And to top it all off, the writing is just bad- most of the dialog is nothing put poorly executed plot exposition. Ah well. Just two weeks left.


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