Monday, March 10, 2008

Local Radio Liberal Douche, part II

I'm not sure who it was, but some idiot on WTIC 1080 this weekend came up with the absolute worst global warming metaphor that I've ever heard. The metaphor was that of clothes on a clothesline on a day where a chance of showers. If there's a chance that it might rain, we'd bring our clothes in the house- Similarly, if we know there's a chance global warming is occurring, then we ought to take necessary precautions.

Stupid? Yeah. If it rains and we leave our clothes on the clothesline we know the result will be wet clothes. But if man made global warming is occurring, we don't know what the consequences of it are actually going to be. Those consequences could be very different depending on the rate the climate is actually changing and even if we did know the specific rate the climate was changing, we would by no means be certain about the more distant future. The point is, the clothes problem has an obvious solution- global warming is not a simple problem with an obvious solution.


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