Sunday, March 09, 2008

Local Radio Liberal Douche

Usually I find local liberal radio personality Colin McEnroe tolerable- tolerable in that I can listen to him on my drive home in the afternoon in between getting the traffic and the weather. But last Friday was just one of those days where McEnroe's show turned me off to the entire idea of liberalism. The topic for discussion was the Connecticut legislature's consideration of a ban on plastic grocery bags. The idea being of course, that plastic bags are not so environmentally friendly.

To his credit, McEnroe was wary of such a ban, noting that such drastic measures tend to produce strong reactions from the public, who dislike being told what to do. McEnroe's idea was a sort of public service campaign, to ween us off of our addiction to the ubiquitous plastic bag. Of course, if such gentle measures failed, the more drastic step of a ban would be taken in order to force people into making the right decision. That's where McEnroe- and most liberals- tend to lose me. It's not just the fact you want to tell people what to do, it's the arrogant attitude that would force your world view on the rest of the world.


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