Thursday, March 13, 2008

One Of The Forgotten Founding Fathers

I literally just found out about it, but I'm super duper excited for HBO's seven-part mini-series on John Adams.

I was a history major back when I was in college and I've always been particularly fascinated by the Founding era- from the seeds of the Revolution through the years of Adams, Jefferson, and Madison. Perhaps most intriguing is that the modern media has seemed to shy away from stories about the Revolutionary era. Mel Gibson's "The Patriot" none withstanding, I can't think of any modern films about the era- And while "The Patriot" was a good looking film, it suffered a bit in it's storytelling, both in the historical accuracy department and in terms of Mel Gibson violence syndrome.

I think many potential filmmakers are put off by the scope of the period and the stature of the men they'd be portraying. So kudos to HBO to putting 100 million dollars and 8 hours into getting it done. John Adams premiers this Sunday night at 8PM on HBO.


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