Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When Liberals Meet Regulation

Liberals tend to love government regulation in all it's forms, at least until it comes back and smacks them in the face. Keep that in mind while checking out this latest piece in the Nation on the war on raw milk.

The problem? The FDA says raw milk isn't safe, but plenty of nature-loving holistic types love to laud the benefits of all fresh, raw foods, including milk. And good for them- they should be able to drink whatever sort of milk they want. But that oh-so-pesky regulatory state just gets in the way. It's an informative read, but just keep in mind that these are the very same sorts of regulations that the big milk producers have to follow. Raw milk is only singled out because it just doesn't quite fit into the existing regulatory structure.

Working this year as a parking citation hearing officer I've come to realize something- everyone hates parking regulations because everyone gets hassled by them in some way or another. The problem with the rest of the massive regulatory state we live in is that people only get mad when they're affected.


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