Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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This is all I have to say on Illegal Immigrants. Just imagine if there were another famine in Ireland, and once again, thousands upon thousands of Irish were coming across the Atlanic and landing in New York/Boston ports. Soon, those cities would be filled with people living in low quality homes or on the streets, looking for any kind of work they could get. Let's look deeper. Say there were skilled carpetners among the immigrants. Maybe word gets out that they're willing to do a little wood work for half of what a normal carpenter would do. Soon the carpenter loses some of his clients and is forced to lower his rates, in turn lowering his quality of life. How do you think people in New York/Boston would appreciate an influx of people from a different country?

Sure what I said is highly unlikely, but it's not far fetched to think similar things like this are happening in the Southwest. What I meant to say with my little theory is that things are different now than in the 1800s, when the famine forced thousands of immigrants to the states. My second point is that if it happened here in the big metro areas, people wouldn't be so supportive. It's easy to point fingers at people in Texas, or Arizona, or So Cal and say "let the illegal immigrants in, they aren't as bad as you all think. These stats say this and that." But we don't realize that we don't live there. People like the Minute Men don't just do what they do because they're bored, they do it because they see a problem.

Maybe it should be easier for immigrants to come to America, and I can understand why they want to come to America. For the time being, there need to be stiff rules and they need to be regulated because they are, in fact, ILLEGAL immigrants.

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