Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Maybe We Can Change Our State Nickname To "The Nanny State"

From today's Hartford Courant, the State is looking to coerce school systems into banning bake sales.

Are cupcakes really that bad? Do we really need to ban them from even showing up at an occasional bake sale?

The way society is beginning to deal with nutrition is starting to feel more and more like the way we deal with drugs- forget teaching personal responsibility, let's just ban everything!


Blogger A Fan For All Seasons said...

The main reason w/ bake sale bans would be to stay consistent w/ current nutrition laws. The fact the state will reimburse the schools should make this bill fine.

As for nutrition and drugs, come on now. You always talk about how people can have responsibility with drugs because marijuana probably isn't as bad as people make it out to be. Drugs like cocaine, cyrstal meth, and heroin are highly addictive and damaging drugs. Also, it's hard to teach a child personal responsibility. Given a choice in a lunch line, a child is going to choose an ice cream sandwich over a ham sandwich any day of the week. There are obesiety and diabetes problems with children and they need to be addressed. You say kids need to be protected, but you also want schools to make their own decisions. So what's more important, the children or a schools rights? Something has to win out, and that's kids.

1:13 PM  
Blogger QU 3L said...

The point is that banning bake sales seems a bit over the top- who is that really helping? No fundraisers that might result in a kid buying a cupcake or a chocolate bar? Is that really necessary?

As to your point about kids and nutrition, schools handle that on a basic level. Elementary schools don't let kids spend all their lunch money on ice scream sandwiches- and high schools generally let kids make decisions for themselves. Once again, my point is to illustrate an over the top law, that despite its good intentions goes much further than it really needs to.

As for drugs, my point is to illustrate that the direction society seems to be headed where kids are not taught responsibility and not taught to make decisions for themselves- I find it disturbing. I'd rather teach kids to make good decisions about nutrition rather than not allowing them a single cupcake while attending school.

Just because we say a law "protects kids" doesn't mean it's actually a good idea.

5:49 PM  

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