Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just Read The Agitator


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Bill Simmons had every right to be mad. He lost on running queens, which is very stastically improbable. Also, Simmons and the Agitator both touch on something that shows the change in face of poker. What Simmons touches on is the fact that the amateurs want to knock out the pros, and the Agitator says that Simmons is a cry baby and he obviously talks and thinks like he's a pro. What am I getting at? Watch the WSOP and watch how the "pros" treat the amateurs. All the pros are cry babies, and that's why a string of amateurs have come out and taken all of these tourneys. When a pro gets beaten, all they do is whine about how the amateur played the hand wrong, or that they are unlucky. What other great competitors act like that? Tiger Woods doesn't bitch when another golfer birdies to take the lead. What Tiger Woods does is step up his game, and force the other golfer to keep it birdying. That's what pro-poker players need to do. Instead of complaining, they need to take their opponents seriously. They are pros for a reason, and they are better than the amateurs, so they need to adapt. Also, they can't complain about being ganged up on. Last night I witnessed Phil Helmuth ('89 champ) complain non-stop that no one would let him win a pot. Well since when are the other players supposed to let the stronger guy win? Did the Patriots complain when every team wanted to wipe out their winning streak? No, they just went out there and kept winning. So once these primadonna players start acting like professional poker players, I think these amateurs are in for a hurting, but who knows when that will be. For the meantime, I suggest poker moves off of ESPN because with all the crying I watched last night, I thought I was watching the Lifetime movie of the week.

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