Thursday, August 24, 2006

"So lend me all your ears and let me state my case, about all the types of satellites we must embrace ..."

Say it ain't so: Astronmers Say Pluto Is Not A Planet.

Perhaps no better time to appreciate the 2 Skinnee J's classic song, "Pluto"

With depravity,
I break laws of gravity
Blast past the atmosphere
to the last frontier
I go boldly through space and time
The sky's the limit,
but the limit isn't the sky
I break orbit by habit,
I ignite satellites and leave rings round the planets
A flying ace like that beagle,
nevertheless this alien remains illegal
Cause their discovery don't cover me
the immigrants been left in the cold
to grow old
and disintegrate
against the distant and disclaim us,
Cause small minds can't see past Uranus
But I shun their race
cause that's just a phase
and my odyssey runs in 2001 ways
And I can see clearly now like Hubbell
shoved off the shuttle,
here's my rebuttal
It's a planet.

Who you represent?
I represent the smallest planet
Attorney in this tourney
versus those who tried to ban it.
If you don't agree
go see interplanet Janet Cause
the sun is star like
is planet.
So lend me all ears
and let me state my case,
about all the types of satellites we must embrace
Cause like parents'
this planet was an immigrant,
to deport it's an offense.
It's an upstanding member of the solar system
Abide the laws of Earth and make it a victim.
It's a proposition
When Pluto spawns a moon it will apply to the heavens.
Abandoned like Judas of Iscariot
If you demote this mote to affiliate
It's like taking ET's custody from Elliot,
Support your Lilliput, 'cause simply put

Pluto is a planet

Do it for the children
(If not for yourselves)

Pluto is a planet. Pluto!
Pluto is a ....


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