Thursday, August 24, 2006

Color Of Money

I found this Daily Kos post and the ensuing comments to be somewhat interesting.

To explain as simply as possible, apparently Republicans in Pennsylvania helped contribute and gather signatures for the candidacy of a Green Party member in Pennsylvania’s upcoming U.S. Senate election- signatures of which some are seemingly invalid. This seems a lot like politics to me- so why so interesting?

What's interesting in the comment thread is the anger directed at the Green Party- as if they shouldn't take Republican money or Republican help in their quest to gain political offices. All these so-called progressives are really mad about is the Green Party attempting to play the same game that Democrats and Republicans play- And yet, in rooting against the Greens, aren't these so-called progressives playing the exact same game?

And another interesting note- are politicians really beholden to the money that elected them? Say a Green candidate gets elected somewhere after taking money from Republicans. Do you really think he's going to turn into a Republican? Yet another wrench in the campaign finance machinery.


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