Monday, August 07, 2006

Brief Thoughts On the Connecticut Democratic Primaries

Just a few thoughts going into tomorrow's Democratic primaries here in Connecticut:

* Predictions on the winners? Lamont and DeStefano - At this point I'm more confident about Lamont winning. I heard some news clips of Lieberman's attacks on Lamont from this past weekend, and he sounded just plain desperate in attacking Lamont as a "float with the political winds" sort of politician. Also- the hundreds of messages from Joe Lieberman supporters on the answering machines of Connecticut residents will probably hurt more than help. I got two from Bill Clinton alone last week. I'm picking DeStefano just because he's followed the Lamont model.

* My gut feeling is that Lamont won't have enough to beat Lieberman in the general election. And I'm not really going out on a limb when I say neither Malloy or DeStefano is going to defeat incumbent Republican governer Jodi Rell.

* The Lieberman-Lamont campaigns have gotten just plain nasty. A plague on both their houses. It's too bad the libertarians aren't running anyone in November. (Or at least, if they are, I wouldn't know it from their awful Connecticut webpage.)


Blogger A Fan For All Seasons said...

As a Republican living in Connecticut, I can honestly say I am relieved that primary campaign is almost over. Both sides have just been awful.

Ned Lamont played extremely dirty in this campaign and now he has many believing Joe Lieberman is a Republican. Joe Lieberman is NOT a Republican and he's not a great friend to the party. He's just more willing to work with the rival party, much like R-John McCain. Lieberman is oppossed to many of the right's thoughts on Affirmative Action, Education, Environmental policies, Gay Rights, Gun Control, Health Care, Social Security, and Taxes. Not to mention he was ready to filibuster several potential Supreme Court candidates. You can't imagine how much I cringed at Lamont's commercials claiming Lieberman was Bush. In fact, I am very much inclined to punch Ned Lamont in the face for making me want Joe Lieberman to win something.

Lieberman's only folly seems to be the fact that he voted for military action in Iraq. In his defense, the majority of Democrats in the Senate voted for war, including fellow CT Senator Christopher Dodd, and 2004 Presidential hopeful John Kerry and his running mate John Edwards. I just find it funny that the same people who are criticizing Lieberman for a "Yes" vote are the same ones who were ready to put Kerry into office.

Lieberman's campaign seemed much more low key compared to Lamont. Maybe that's because Lamont had a new commercial everyday, but who knows. As the Libertarian pointed out, Lieberman was stretching toward the end. The latest radio commercial I heard denounced Lamont because he was a member of an exclusive country club that served as the initial meeting place of George Bush and Barbara Bush, like that should matter in an election. Also, Lieberman probably did lose the primary because of the countless phone calls my family has recieved.

Both candidates should be ashamed of themselves. If the primary is any indication of what is to come, the final election campaign should be a travesty, especially if Lamont wins.

Vote Schlesinger, Free Hat.

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