Wednesday, August 02, 2006

From The "World's Stupidist Lawsuits" File

Via Overlawyered, more on this ridiculous lawsuit against companies running fantasy sports leagues.

"Wow." What else is there to say?

OK, well, two things to say:

1- The vast majority of fantasy football players don't play for money. No one gambles on the possibility of winning money 16 or 17 weeks down the road. That's more like a real estate investment than pulling a slot machine or playing a hand of blackjack.

2- I would love to explain my fantasy football failures away as gambling losses. It would be nice if my 6 year playoff drought was just my bad luck in a game of chance, rather than my own fault for having a penchant for picking aging running backs in the first round (Eddie George, Marshall Faulk, ect.) But that would be rather dishonest of me. As the members of my own league will tell you, not only am I a bad owner- my teams also play terrible defense.

Update 8/3/06 @ 4:15 PM: Perhaps my real estate/black jack comparison was not so apt, as a Fan For All Seasons points out. Nonetheless, the appeal of fantasy sports is much different from the appeal of gambling. Far more people play in free fantasy football leagues than play in leagues that charge them money to join. For most fantasy footballers, money prizes are a bonus, not the reason to play in the first place. Additionally, many of the recent complaints about internet gambling have focused on the ease with which one can lose money. "Click a mouse, lose your house" was a slogan coined by one anti-internet gambling politician. Such is not the case with fantasy football, and I would imagine that's not the case with bets placed at the beginning of a season that won't come to fruition for 4 or 5 months. Maybe those sorts of bets, along with fantasy football, are closer to real estate and the stock market than they are to a hand of blackjack. Just goes to show you how arbitrary gambling laws actually are.


Blogger A Fan For All Seasons said...

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Blogger A Fan For All Seasons said...

It's true. The Lonely Libertarian is an idiot when it comes down to fantasy football (and politics). However, many people place bets on teams making and even winning the Super Bowl prior to the season. Vegas has odds on every teams chances basically weeks after the previous Super Bowl. In fact, these sort of bets can pay off even more than weekly bets. For example, the Rams in '99 and the Patriots in '01 virtually came out of nowhere. Any person who placed a decent amount of money on those teams prior to the season cleaned house.

As for fantasy sports, anyone who pays to play fantasy football is technically gambling. As the LL points out though, a lot of the contest depends on the owners ability to draft, (along with some luck) much like the widely popular Texas Hold 'Em.

Personally, I love fantasy sports and I in no way mean to agree with any anti-fantasy statements. I just enjoy proving Lonely Losertarian points wrong. To me, spending money on fantasy sports is like a security deposit. Screw up and forfeit the money. It's as simple as that.

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