Wednesday, July 26, 2006

But I Want It Now

From Neal McClusky at the Cato blog, this is just much too good not to link to.

McClusky takes this Washington Post article- Put Grad School In My Grasp- and tears it apart, piece by piece.

I'll just file this away in the whiney American file. I'm probably as guilty of this as anyone else, but we of the younger generation tend to want things just handed to us. We have no real idea what hard work is, or the fact that not everything in life is easy. But at least the lonely libertarian has the good sense not argue for my greediness and selfishness as public policy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

McClucky can go to hell. Mr. Libertarian whose parents...what? Paid for his undergrad. Huh? Paid for his law degree? I'm sure the shoes McClucky is standing in well, don't come from the struggling perspective either. :oP

9:36 PM  

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