Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Convenient Truth

Reuters reports global warming puts 12 U.S. national parks at risk.

Only 12?

Even more fun are the posters on Democratic Underground. A sampling-

From someone named bennywhale:

There'll be more than parks shutting down across the rest of the world now the effects are starting to kick in. Millions dead, millions of refugees, flooding, famine, cultures and civilisations uprooted, eco-systems wiped out.

What a world we are leaving.

When i look back on previous generations and ancestors it often with respect, admiration and affection for thwe way they were and what they achieved. I wonder how our descendants will look back on us???

And from someone named Lorien:

We won't have descendants. I believe that if you are under 50, your generation is among the last. The horrors you describe will be here in 10-15 years; eco-systems are already being wiped out at a sickening rate.

Oh if only we had done something! If we had just impoverished ourselves, and not created cars, and air conditioning, and electricity ... then maybe we'd be able to really appreciate our national parks.


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