Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Drug War Mistakes

Radley Balco has the latest door busting drug raid mistake. (You can read the news account here.) This time, there were no accidental deaths, just a broken front door and a husband and wife who may be too terrified to maintain their fish tank.

As usual, it's the tactics themselves that are indefensible. On the basis of a single tip from a subcontractor (who apparently mistook their aquarium supplies for a meth lab), the police obtained a warrant and knocked down the door. This isn't just about drugs, this isn't how police should operate. Yes, it probably was an honest mistake by the subcontractor, but it's not a mistake the police should have relied on without investigating. This is America and we shouldn't face the possibility that the police will come knocking down our door because of one tip which was never investigated.


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