Friday, April 25, 2008

What Insanity Is This?

John Nichols reports in the Nation that the blame for the current world food crisis falls on globalization and GMO's.

And here I thought it was the economic downturn, rising speculation in food commodities, and government programs that have made it more profitable for agriculture to produce biofuels than food.

I'm not sure why I'm reporting on this insanity other than I just can't get over the fact that people actually belief such nonsense. I mean, come on. Technology that makes food easier and cheaper to produce is contributing to rising food prices? Seriously? I suppose any crisis is good enough to support such nonsense. The worst part is the blame for biofuels being placed on the market. Corn and agricultural products go to producing biofuels because of government programs mandating the use of biofuels. If the government didn't mandate their use, there'd be very little money in biofuels and farmers would be producing more agricultural products for food. This is just one of those things liberals do that drives me bonkers-

"The market doesn't work because the government passed all these laws to make corporations rich."

No asshole. When the government fucks with the market, you can't blame the market for not working. Your beef is with the government, not the market.


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