Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Light Brite Part II

I didn't take the time to comment on the MIT student bringing the bomb like device to Logan airport several weeks ago, in part because I was busy, and in part because it seemed like such a stupid thing to do. Apparently, the bomb like device was, in part, a light up name tag, a fact ignored by the mainstream media. Reason's Jessee Walker compares this scare to the light brite Aqua Teen Hunger Force overreaction of last January.

I admit, it's pretty lame of the mainstream media to do such a shoddy job of reporting the story. Of course, what else do we expect from the mainstream media? Unlike the Cartoon Network invasion, I think this is a tougher case because we're talking about an airport, a place where people know they check their rights at the door. Light Brites around Boston demanded a more measured and thoughtful response ... I'm just not sure, given a lack of information about how this actually went down, whether this latest case was an overreaction or not. Machine guns sound pretty over the top, but who knows. Either way, as opposed to Aqua Teen Hunger Force promoters, this MIT girl was just plain stupid. You don't bring weird things to the airport, period, and that's something that even an MIT student should be able to figure out.


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