Thursday, September 20, 2007

From The Legislation We Don't Need Department

As if Congress didn't have enough important business to attend to already, some commentators think that Congress needs to stop school bullying.

Before I make my point, let me say first that school bullying is bad - but government bullying is bad too, and unless it was purely symbolic, I can't imagine what anti-bullying legislation would do other than bully local school districts into complying with mindless regulations.

Again, let me be clear. I'm not bringing this up to discuss bullying, only to ask the question of why bullying is the sort of problem that requires a national solution. Is there any rationale as to why the federal government would be better at rooting out bullying than state government, or better yet local government and local schools? These silly discussions provide a good springboard to address the question of grassroots, local control versus centralized, national control. There's no one correct answer for every question - the point is to actually use your brain and not just to react.


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