Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kerry Kid Taser Thingy

My good buddy and favorite reader John e-mailed me asking me to blog about the kid who was tasered at the John Kerry event at the University of Florida. For those who haven't heard about the story, you can watch what happened below.

Here's the reaction from conservative stalwart Rush Limbaugh.

As for me, myself, and I ... I ... I dunno. Here are John's comments.

It's a kid getting tasered at a John Kerry Q and A session. He did nothing wrong except ask a bunch of questions pretty excitedly. It's interesting to note that many people acted this way at Ann Coulter's speech yet nothing was ever done to them. I've seen this on the news all day and I find it fascinating that this was at a "liberal" speech where no physical assault was made. However, there have been several conservative speeches around the nation where the presenter has been attacked, harassed, etc.

And you're right, it is interesting, although this specific instance might have more to do with the security required of a John Kerry as opposed to a talking head. Perhaps more fun was Greg Gutfeld's take last night on Red Eye:

Ah yes, you've seen the John Kerry video? The one where that annoying punk gets Tasered while trying to ask that piece of wood some crappy questions.

Why do I love it? Am I sick? Of course, but the guy deserved it — especially when he said, "Don't Taser me, bro."

I hate the word "bro."

"Hey bro, got a smoke?"

"Hey bro, can you spare a buck?"

"Hey bro, you're choking me."

Shut up. You are not my "bro" or "broheim" and if you insist on using that word you deserve death, bro!

Let me just be honest - I'm really just torn here between being upset over excessive use of force and being happy that obnoxious kid got what was coming to him.


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