Monday, October 01, 2007

Affordability's just another word for Bush hating the poor

This Democratic Underground comment thread on universal health care is just plain funny.

First, from the poster antigop :

Other than Dennis Kucinich, what presidential candidate(s) have declared healthcare as a right?

"If we take that money away from the insurance companies and use it for the American people, well, guess what, we have enough money for vision care, dental care, mental health, prescription drugs and long-term care. I'm going to call on the American people to stand up for their rights. Health care is a right, not a privilege."

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

Thank you,Dennis.

antigop then adds on this :

Thank you for that! [Responding to another commenter's posting of a Barack Obama quote in favor of affordable health care for every American] Good for Obama! I wish all the candidates would make that declaration, though I would argue with the "affordable" part. I would like to see it funded so "affordability" doesn't enter into it. I'm not sure what "affordable" means to people inside the beltway.

Next, this response from cosmicdot :

DK doesn't qualify that right with words such as "affordable" or "access to" or "affordable health insurance" He doesn't say, affordable health care is a right.
He states it simply: health care is a right, not a privilege.

And finally, this from Naturyl :

Kucinich alone supports real health care. The others all have schemes to prop up the insurance companies or provide only "affordable" health care. "Affordable" is a term so vague it should set off alarm bells immediately. HMO's all claim to be "affordable," too. Kucinich is for health care that doesn't require bringing a wallet, checkbook, credit card, or insurance card to the doctor. Period.

Don't you hate when politicians spew gobbledygook like "affordability?" That's, like, neo con code for screwing the poor at the expense of the rich.

In all seriousness though, I point this stuff out, not to make fun of people (Ok, well, maybe to make fun of people a little bit), but more so to point out how the left lets this sort of nonsense fester without any sort of a reasoned response. No one in the entire Democratic Underground community couldn't have seen this and pointed out how uninformed and just plain wrong this sounds? Believe in universal health care for all, fine, but if I supported it, I certainly wouldn't want crazy people framing my cause in such idiotic, clearly uneducated terms.

Oh, and by the way- I like how Dennis Kucinich is for health care that doesn't require you even bring your wallet. Dolphinplasty, here I come.

Wait, what do you mean Dennis Kucinich's health plan doesn't include dolphinplasty's?

Of course it's a necessary procedure.

Why is this any different from the gender reassignment surgery his plan covers?

Who makes these decisions?

The government? That hardly seems fair. This is worse than my insurance company. Oh bother.


Anonymous Naturyl said...

LOL... I stand by what I said, and your decision to call me and the other DU posters a bunch of juvenile names is your own concern. "Affordable health care" is exactly what I said it was - a way to avoid talking about FREE health care, which is what I and many other progressives support. I made my point quite clearly - "affordability" is a moot point when the kind of health care Kucinich supports is the kind where you don't bring a checkbook to the doctor. If you don't support that for whatever knuckle-dragging reason, that's your business. But at least try to actually refute the point being made before gloating - although given your likely audience, I suppose I might not be necessary.

2:22 PM  

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