Sunday, April 08, 2007

Maybe they shouldn't have been cross-marketing with Toucan Sam ...

I meant to link to this story the other day, which was all over the local news here in Connecticut: Anheuser-Busch criticized for drink critics say appeals to teens. God forbid someone over 21 might want a colorful, fruity, alcohol beverage. Although, according to the article, perhaps the market itself is dealing with the issue- apparently, not that many adults actually are buying these things. Still though, this kind of outrage is always a lot of fun.


Anonymous the future Mrs. Lonely Libertarian (who is not exactly a libertarian) said...

I agree. These kind of accusations are in some ways, offensive, I think. I'm a 23 year old female. I hate beer. I like wine, but it gives me migranes. But I enjoy malt beverages, and I enjoy their fun packaging. Just because a product "skews much younger" doesn't mean that it should be changed. Perhaps its sad that those of us just slightly over 21 don't have tastes that become drastically more sophisticated in our later 20s, but why should a manufacturer be prevented from marketing to us in a way that we can be appealed to? I agree -- parents should be aware of these products, so they know what to look for. But these accusations paint the manufacturer as a bad guy, when really they're just trying to do what a manufacturer does -- create a sellable product.

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