Wednesday, March 28, 2007

U.S. Marines, Dogs, And Other Victims of the War on Drugs

The latest war on drug, botched drug raid news from Radley Balco, here, here, and here.

Also, read about the dog killed in the raid of the home of a non-violent drug offender.

And finally, not so much a botched raid, just a case of excessive police force in which police in Wilmington Delaware shot ex-marine Sergeant Derek Hale to death, after having tasered him three times in front of his children during the course of a drug investigation.

I'll highlight the point yet again- the war on drugs promotes an "us versus them" mentality among police officers, and encourages tactics and the sort of force that should not be utilized against the American people. Innocent victims are hurt and even when it comes tho those actually guilty of drug crimes, it does no one any good to have the police utilize military like force against non-violent offenders.

I'd be happy with a de-escalation of the war on drugs for now, but the reality is that drug prohibition itself turns marijuana, cocaine, and other illegal drugs into harbingers of violence.


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