Wednesday, March 28, 2007

TV Leftovers From Last Week

I'm a subscriber to the conservative website's e-mail list, mainly because there are a number of libertarian oriented columnists (Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, John Stossell) that I enjoy reading. This survey from Pat Boone and the Parents Television Council is certainly not the reason why I would subscribe to this e-mail list.

Of course, this got me very interested in the Parents Television Council and what other insane things they were up to. Basically, they don't like much of anything on tv, as you can see from these lists here. Or at least, they don't like any of the non-reality dramatic or comedic programming. The really silly thing is how little sense it makes to consider the age group of 2-17 when examining the suitability of television programs. After all, are we really concerned that our sixteen year olds might be watching House or Lost? And do we really expect prime time television programs to be suitable for four year olds or even for eight year olds? Sure, all ages can enjoy (or not enjoy) American Idol, but there's a good reason why all the Parents Television Council's List of appropriate television programs are lacking in the drama and comedy departments.

Bonus Link: Arrested Development fans will enjoy this Parents Television Council review of their favorite defunct show.


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