Friday, March 23, 2007

Why I'm A libertarian

One of the things that really irks me is when critics of libertarians portray libertarian defense of the free market as somehow motivated by concern for the wealthy and the powerful. The truth is, true believers in the free market and true libertarians realize that the free market benefits everyone. There are rich and powerful individuals in every economic system that's ever been tried, but ever notice how the poor seem to be the best off when living in a free country?

With all that in mind it was interesting to read this post and that post on the Cato@Liberty blog this morning. Libertarians are the one group who doesn't demand that other people do for them. And as both of these examples show, it's not just about "no handouts for the poor." It's about no handouts to the upper middle class who can already afford to go to college. It's about no giveaways to businesses that can't make any money without government help.

As David Boaz might say, libertarians don't make "I'm for free this or that, but ..." type statements. It was just a very refreshing thing to see this morning.


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