Friday, February 16, 2007

This Is What It Sounds Like When Eskimos Sue

Yeah, a group of Inuit want to sue the United States for global warming, claiming it has destroyed their way of life. I found this story at Democratic Underground, and here is some of the accompanying commentary, from the poster, RestoreGore:

What our behavior is doing to affect the rest of the world is something we must morally address on all levels. I am happy to see this delegation going to Washington DC to hold all of them accountable for their indifference to the plight of other humans who are suffering because of their inaction. Next should be an African delegation, and one after the other coming to DC to hold them all accountable in front of the world for placing their own political agendas over the needs of all of us.

And then there's this, also from RestoreGore:

And yes, the ice in the Arctic is our world's mirror and the shield that regulates our global thermometer, and the more that ice disappears the more the way of life for us and many other species is at risk. It is truly sad how so many show little to no interest for people of this world who live as the Inuits do. Theirs is a culture of true family values and living as one with the Earth. So far from the reality TV, SUV, Big Mac, media sound bite culture we subsist in... And I say subsist, because to me that is not really living. How I long to see that way of life where the Earth in all of its natural splendor is truly cherished and the signs that it is not well taken seriously now on the part of all of us, for we are surely moving our way to a tipping point of our own doing by forgetting our stewardship to her, and that to me is absolutely incomprehensible and something we simply must not allow to continue. Thank you for your well thought out and heartfelt response.


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