Friday, February 16, 2007

Michael Moore, Eat Your Heart Out

This is the sort of movie I've been waiting for: Mine Your Own Business. (Read the report from Junk Science's Steven Milloy here at Here's a taste:

The film starts out in the remote and desolate Romanian village of Rosia Montana, home to a most eco-unfriendly state-run mine. Gabriel Resources, a Canadian Mining Company, is trying to open a new gold mine that meets or exceeds strict European Union standards, but it runs into opposition, not from local villagers, but from first-world non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as Greenpeace.

The NGOs, who don’t seem particularly bothered by the poorly-operated state-owned mine, take the position in the film that the poverty-stricken residents of Rosia Montana don’t need any economic opportunity and, instead, are willing to settle for being “poor but happy.”


Anonymous vanessa said...

this movie was funded mostly by Gabriel Resources--the company wanting to open the mine. There is also the documentry 'Gold Futures' however is was heavily finded by Soros, who also has stakes in the gold industry.

Which goes to show what is wrong with the media these days--there is no such thig as un-biased journalism anymore.

As a elitiist western enviromentalist, my concern is that this mine is going to level 3-4 mountains leaving a crater that can be seen from space, flood a valley, then fill it with cyanide runoff. All of this for 1000 jobs during construction (until 2009) then 680 (including outside experts) form the next 13. Then what? Yes, the other mess may be cleaned up. But what will those people be left to work with when ALL the gold is gone?

Maybe we should ask the people who have the highest stakes in this, the Romanians. Not film students, not executives, not me, nor bloggers who have a bone to pick with Michael Moore.

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