Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Latest 24 Thoughts

I'm still watching, but I maintain that 24 has officially jumped the shark. Here are some of the things that don't make sense this season (along with some basic complaints).

* I don't quite understand the motivation of Jack's father. He's willing to kill his whole family to save his company? That doesn't sound like something an old man does - if money matters to him more than people, why not just take the money and run. This saving the company at all costs thing

* I don't understand this desire on the part of the defense ultra-hardliners to want to intern all Muslims. At this point in the show, they've identified the specific threat and the specific individual responsible for that threat. Interning the Muslim population would be a huge process taking days, weeks, or maybe even months. I'm unclear on what good this would do in stopping the nuclear threat. Moreover, the President Palmer's suggestion of having the former terrorist leader ask the Muslim population for assistance seems to at least have the potential of a solution to the immediate nuclear threat. The show seems to present this as some sort of a moral dilemma, but I don't see any practical side to an internment plan. Maybe some form of internment is justified in times of war, but in this case it won't help with the immediate threat - and there's virtually no one who would argue that the broad internment and suspension of civil liberties being talked about would be appropriate after this threat is over.

* One problem the past three season of 24- The "terrorists with unlimited funds" scenario. Terrorists with enough money (millions upon millions) to pay off anyone and everyone they need to in order to achieve their goals is a far cry from today's reality. What was so unique about 24 from the beginning was how real it was and how relevant it was to the real world. But the past few seasons have given us intricate terrorist networks with the financial capabilities to deal with any hurdle that gets in their way. (Also, there are an awful lot of mercenaries willing to work with really bad dudes.) This bugs me because 1- it takes away from the reality of the show and 2- it provides the writers with all sorts of cop outs when it comes to the plot. My point is not that the first few seasons of 24 were utterly believable- just that the nature of the threat was more in line with our reality.

And by the way, at this point I think Battlestar Galactica has passed 24 in terms of quality and relevence.


Blogger A Fan For All Seasons said...

I'm starting to agree with you on 24. So many things are bothering me...

* In addition to your ultra-hardliners, you forget one thing...this is a Democratic office. Why are so many liberals ready and willing to take away American civil liberties. This is the exact opposite of what liberals are currently trying to do.

* The writers are trying to make Wayne like David, by doing the right thing and not being swayed by advisors. There's one problem, Wayne Palmer talks and acts with no authority. It's like he's pleading with everyone, not telling them.

* Morris O'Brien. First of all, I predicted that he was the engineer they needed the second he was confused about his brother being near the bomb. I even called the whole face appearing thing they did. Second of all, if he can arm nuclear bombs and what not, couldn't he have done something to make it a dud or to fake arm it, or did they not teach him that at engineering school? Third, he was brutally beaten with a baseball bat, and yet, he's walking and moving fine. He would have countless broken ribs and probably other broken bones depending on where he was getting cracked. Finally, couldn't one other character beside Jack just say no to the terrorists and not give in? Is that too much to ask for?

* Does anyone in Washington understand the reality of their fictional world? Not only were there 3 assassination attempts on David Palmer (2 unsuccessful in office/campaigning, 1 successful attempt after his presidency), but he was also briefly removed from office in season 2 and was forced to pull out of a re-election attempt in season 3. Then, in season 4, President Keeler? was killed while on Air Force 1. That led to Charles Logan, was being used as a puppet by businessmen and was arrested. If this happened in real life along with countless terrorist attacks on US soil, we'd probably be in anarchy right now. So what do some people in control want to do? Kill Wayne Palmer. Honestly, their reasoning for dealing with months of attacks is to kill the president and remove more hope from the American people? Please.

* Finally, Assad sounds like he was the 2nd coming of bin Laden. How in God's name did he even get to America in the first place? Not only that, but he's currently having a 1 on 1 w/ the Pres. at the White House.

With all of this said, I still can't wait to see what happens next, but I'm beginning to lose my patience.

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