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Previously on 24 ...

Previously on 24 ...

Jack defies death yet again, this time to jump a bomb wielding, terrorist shark. Well, not quite. In reality, last night Jack saved a dude from a helicopter in a random act of heroism, before heading off to his brother's house in an attempt to extract information from this previously unknown (from the audience's perspective) sibling. That's right Jack has a brother and a father we didn't know about- And, of yeah, the brother is the shady character who was manipulating President Logan last season.

I haven't given up on the show completely, but if you can't smell the end coming you must have had your nose bitten off by the aforementioned shark. I'll watch because of Jack, the production value of the show, and the fact that terrorists with nukes demand my attention, but through the first five hours of day six, let's just take a look at what we've got.

First, the overarching plot is why we watch- terrorists have already detonated one nuke, and they have four more. And, an ex-terrorist (none other than Deep Space Nine's Dr. Bashir) is now committed to peace and committed to stopping these attacks. This is all good. But what's missing is the subtle character drama and interconnected subplots which made 24 so wonderful in the past. Everything this season is just so over the top. The dialogue is stale, as most of the characters waste screen time rehashing the action, the character traits, and everything else we already know. The number of hence before unknown relatives occupying important plot positions has become a bit ridiculous. The Palmer sister, who's name escapes me, spent most of last night pestering the FBI as they attempted to run an undercover operation. I don't understand her motivation, unless it turns out that she's a terrorist. And all the potential dramatic setups involving Jack's family was painfully transparent.

24 on many occasions has bordered on the ridiculous, but in the past it's managed to walk that line between good fun and absurdity. Maybe I'll turn out to be wrong, but this season it's pushing ever closer to the wrong side of the line.


Blogger A Fan For All Seasons said...

Some quick hitters here....

- I don't mind Jack having a brother and father we didn't know about. Mainly because, why would we? They never talk and Jack is always busy saving the world. Also, his bro and pop seem to be the anti-Jack; capitalist pigs caught up in corporate America who care about themselves. Makes sense to me. On the other hand, the Palmer sister is just annoying. Aside from season 1, we know very little about Jack's personal life. With David Palmer though, we know a lot about his personal life. So him or Wayne never mentioning their sister who lives in DC is just a bit odd.

- How could you not understand Sandra Palmer's motivation? She's a devout lawyer. Wouldn't any devout lawyer try to uphold every aspect of the law and be very annoying to everyone opposed to her? Especially with her boyfriend/fiance/husband involved.

- The first 5 episodes have been very action packed and have had an event occur that normally wouldn't happen until the end. There really hasn't been time for character development, but surely the season will slow down a bit and character traits and drama will unfold. Just be patient.

- I know it's cool knowing that any character can seemingly die at any time, but in the past 2 seasons we have lost Michelle, Tony, David Palmer, Edgar Stiles, Rudy/Sam-Wise and now Curtis. Also, Aaron Pierce , Mike Novick, Charles and Martha Logan, Audrey Raines, and Secretary of Defense Heller are all MIA. Returning is Karen Hayes, who is still fairly unknown and uninteresting. There's Milo who hasn't been even heard of since season 1 and Morris O'Brien, who is a British, male clone of Chloe. This means, Bill Buchanon, Wayne Palmer and Chloe are the only characters still around that we truly know something about. Other than that, Tom Linnox (the advisor) is the only interesting new character aside from Assad. Maybe they should refrain from killing people for a while.

- You're missing the real mystery of the season... Jack shaved a giant beard and got a perfect haircut in less than ten minutes. It takes me 10 minutes just to trim my scruff.

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