Monday, January 15, 2007

NFL Blogging

I've avoided too much discussion of the NFL on this blog because I could go on and on and on if no one stopped me. That being said, here are some brief thoughts from the second round of the NFL playoffs and more importantly from the Patriots win this weekend.

# I've already heard a lot on sports talk radio this morning about how the Chargers handed the game to Patriots, but lets give the Patriots some credit for finishing the game off. The fact of the matter is, after Troy Brown stripped the ball from Marlon McCree following McCree's fourth down interception, the Patriots had the ball at the Chargers 32, down by 8, with only 6 minutes left. Yeah, the Chargers dumb mistakes had cost them until that point, but from that point on the Patriots took control of the game. From that point on, Tom Brady was 6 of 9 for 100 yards and 1 TD, leading the Patriots on two scoring drives. The Chargers didn't stop them. In between the Patriots two scores, the Chargers went three and out. I'm not going to say the Pats didn't get lucky, but luck only helped to keep them in the game- Brady and the defense came through in the end to win the thing.

# Early this season the Patriots were blasted by many, including their own fans for letting Deion Branch get away. The Patriots off season wide receiver acquisition was Reche Caldwell, formerly of the Chargers. While the Chargers current wide receivers were dropping balls, catching only four passes amongst them in the entire game, Caldwell was busy catching 7 balls for 80 yards, including the game tying touchdown and a the 49 yarder on 3rd and ten that essentially won the Patriots the game. And by the way, Deion Branch, who got 36 million to play for the Seahawks had 8 catches for 96 yards and no touchdowns in 2 playoff games. Caldwell's numbers through two playoff games: 12 catches, 130 yards and 1 touchdown. And Jabar Gafney, Caldwell's former teammate at Florida and a Patriot mid season acquisition: 18 catches, 207 yards, and 1 touchdown.


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