Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dr. House Wins

Dr. House wins! I actually raised my fist in triumph at the conclusion of last night's episode when we found out House had been faking the whole rehab thing and hadn't given up his Vicadin. Oh, and by the way- I was right and Jacob Sullum was wrong. Of course, as Jacob Sullum indicates in his latest post (the one linked to up above), he is very happy to have been wrong.

I had faith that the plot wouldn't take the politically correct route not because of politics but because of people- Actually sending House into rehab would destroy his character, leaving him with no credibility with us, the audience. I actually thought the plot devices used to tie up the whole drug prosecution story were a bit hokey, but better a few bad plot devices than the sacrifice of your character.

Unlike some of the commentors on reason, I'd rather not read into what this plot thred "means for libertarianism." I'm simply happy that a major network drama is willing to push the limits of conventional thinking. After all, isn't that what pop culture really supposed to do for us?


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