Saturday, January 13, 2007

More About Freak Dancing

This story on freak dancing was too priceless to pass up, from a very conservative college student columnist. The columnist, Hans Zeigler, describes his own experiences while in high school:

When I was a sophomore at Puyallup High School near Seattle, parental concerns over excessive freak dancing led to new rules for the 2001 Valentine's Day Ball. Students and administrators worked together to formulate a reasonable compromise that included things like no simulated sex acts, no ankle grabbing, and no lewd groping. But renegade students, determined to repudiate the new rules, organized a competing no-rules dance at the Liberty Theater down the street from the high school. At the time, I was Class President, and I organized a meeting at which I addressed my class of 500 on the importance of public modesty and school spirit. My exhortations went unheeded by the several hundred students who ended up at the anarchic orgy down the street.

That's right, no ankle grabbing and no lewd groping. Sounds like prison rules. Also, I think I may have gone to the wrong high school. Damn missing out on the orgies down the street!

In all seriousness, to expand on what I was saying in my previous post, I'm baffled as to why all these graphic rules are needed. Surely high school chaperones and teachers have the authority to stop any behavior they find inappropriate at a high school dance. I'm posting here because I'm utterly baffled at the responses from every direction. Is there any sanity left in the world?

And speaking of sanity, cue the apocalyptic conservative warning:

Even the rebellious Baby Boomers were quite puritanical in their dance styles, I'm told, in contrast to this generation. Generation Y is bumping and grinding its way to the gates of perdition. The promiscuity, the abortions, the broken hearts, the empty minds, the annihilated souls are proof of a generation that is literally "freaking" out.


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