Wednesday, February 22, 2006

S.W.A.T. Live

Radley Balco pretty much has it all covered: Actual footage of a police raid on a popular bar. Yes, you can actually watch it. (And read about the details there too, I won't repeat the specifics here.) The most interesting part, as Balco points out:

One thing I find odd: Some of the officers are wearing polos and khaki shorts. Others are in uniform. And others are wearing cammo, black ski masks, body armor, and toting assault weapons. Some come in casually. Others come in pumping shotguns. If the goal of a SWAT team is to incapacitate everyone inside, it doesn't make much sense for the heavy-hitters to come in after the inspectors.

And the question the lonely libertarian would still like to have answered ... What good is this sort of thing doing anyone?


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