Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day To All Those In Alternative Relationships (And To All Of Us So-Called Normal Folks Too)

Appropriate for Valentines Day, this from today's Hartford Courant: Gay Couples Seek Marriage Licenses

The lonely libertarian is all for equal rights and equal treatment under the law. In fact, the lonely libertarian believes you should be able to marry anyone you want to marry- A Man, A Woman, 2 Men, 3 Women, ect. But then there's this quote from Frank O'Gorman, director of the Hartford-based group People of Faith:

Civil unions still demean gay couples by saying our love is not equal or on par with the love of straight couples, and we find that demeans our relationships and ourselves as human beings.

The point is that Civil Unions are not enough, that gay marriage should be legal. And the lonely libertarian agrees with that as well. However, I am a bit troubled by the way the argument is framed. The issue is framed not as one of individual choices and individual rights, but in strictly moral terms. That gay couples should be on par with straight couples is a statement of comparative morality.

The problem with this is it seems to be a request (or a demand) to "let us under your umbrella!" rather then a demand that people should have equal rights regardless of the type of loving relationship they chose to enter. It makes me realize why libertarians make the argument that government should not be in the business of marriages in the first place. Why get mixed up in all these moral debates?

The point is, that gay or straight, put aside the moralizing and wish a Happy Valentines Day to everyone in a loving relationship- regardless of just who happens to constitute that relationship. After all, as the Beatles told us, all you need is love.


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