Friday, February 10, 2006

You Know You Live In A Blue State When ...

On the lighter side of the local news, today's Hartford Courant contained the headline: School Tries To Bring Grinding To A Halt. I suppose we could also file this under the "Adults just don't get it man" category.

The real problem, as the article points out, is the fact that you have high school teenagers dancing in ways that adults find inappropriate. Of course, leave it to Mr. Blue State High School Administrator Guy (Principal Thomas Moore) to put everything into perspective:

"Students have to understand that this is inherently disrespectful to females."

Obviously here in Blue State America we don't want to moralize to high school teenagers about sex and sexuality. But we are very concerned about the treatment of women- so we'll just frame the problem in that light. Of course, this raises the oh-so troubling question of why simulated sex on the dance floor is inherently disrespectful to females, but not to males.

I guess you know you live in a blue state when bumping and grinding is to be banned at high school dances because it is disrespectful to women.


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