Thursday, February 23, 2006

How to Blog 101 (More pot shots at the New York Times)

The New York Times never fails to provide an astounding array of articles and commentary that reflect positions either outside mainstream America or contrary to common sense. Given this fact, blogging can be as simple as going to the New York Times web page, clicking on the editorials, and finding the most egregious editorial to write about.

Take this one today: Selling Junk Food To Toddlers According to the editorial, parents are the first line of defense, but the food and media industries need to do more. And of course, so does the government. Of course, it's unclear how restricting the abilities of food companies to advertise their product will lead to healthier children and will help fight obesity. After all, kids don't buy food, parents do. If the advertising of junk food to children is enough to virtually require parents to buy junk food for their kids, it's not clear why the same logic wouldn't apply to every other form of advertising directed at children. Why ban Oreo's but not G.I. Joe? In fact, if children's advertising somehow has this negative effect on what parents buy for their children, why not ban all childrens advertising all together?

Oh wait ... Then nobody would bother making any children's programming in the first place. This whole argument is just very typical of the Times. I mean come on- this is the job of parents, not the government.


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