Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Good News On The Science Front

World Trade Agency Rules For U.S. In Biotech Dispute

The good news is, now the United States can sell genitically modified crops in Europe. The bad news is, Europeans still might be too stupid to buy them. The Times article has a really good quote from an activist in the war against GMO's (genitically modified organisms), one of those quotes that just defies all reason and logic:

"The World Trade Organization, with its secretive decision-making processes, is unfit to decide what we should eat or what farmers should grow," Alexandra Wandel, trade coordinator for Friends of the Earth Europe, said in a statement.

Huh? Regardless of one's views on the WTO, how does opening up a previously closed market involve forcing farmers to grow or consumers to eat certain crops? Deciding what we should grow and what we should eat is exactly what groups like Friends of the Earth of Europe want. These so-called environmental groups are the ones who want to impose legal restrictions on GMO's- all the WTO has done is opened up trade so consumers are free to purchase which ever sort of crops they prefer.


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