Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Health Care Debate Rolls Along

I've been away on vacation, but the health care debate has rolled right along without me, delving into as yet uncharted depths of inanity. The conversation while I was away- from what I could tell- centered on the Democrats townhall-style health care reform sales pitches. In the tradition of the tea-baggers, these meetings were interrupted by angry elderly folks, angry conservatives, and any variety gun-toting liberty lovers. The first week I was away, the issue seemed to be whether or not these townhall protests were the results of real grassroots activism or merely corporate sponsored astoturf. By the end of my vacation the issue had morphed into a discussion of right wing radicalism and the racist nature of the opposition to Obama's plan ... or something like that.

The idea that any of these protests were newsworthy in and off themselves continues to be the real joke. We're talking about massive changes to a gigantic sector of our economy and the media is concerned with the loudmouths? While the political machinery of Washington continues to whir along, this nonsensical political theater has become the story.


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