Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's Put An End to Naomi Klein-style Nonsensical Rantings

Naomi Klein pleads, Let's put an end to Sarah Palin-style capitalism. And if you're in the dark as to what the hell that means after reading through the speech, you're probably not alone. I was lost when Klein tried to portray Palin's appearance on the political scene- weeks before the economic turn down reared it's ugly head- as a last grasp of "capitalism-as-usual."

Putting aside the nonsensical Sarah Palin reference, it's truly dishonest of the left to continue to connect the dots between free market capitalism and bailouts of any price tag. And it's just plain insulting to connect Sarah Plain with an intellectual tradition of free market capitalism that dates centuries back. But at what point does this rhetoric just collapse as the empty house of cards it really is? I mean really, Sarah-Palin-style capitalism? The worst part about Palin was the support she drew simply because the left disliked her and this is almost the same version of the left's demented mindset. Plain bad, capitalism bad, so let's lump them all together in the same big box of badness.

I have no respect for Klein, not because I disagree with what she says, but because she's never intellectually honest with her subject matter. She spent much of "The Shock Doctrine" smearing Milton Friedman, tenuously connecting the legendary free market economist with Pinochet's Chile and the Iraq War rather than actually attempting to refute any of Friedman's ideas about markets and government. If you want to argue for the end of capitalism, fine, that's what Marx did. But at least be honest about it and confront your opponents arguments honestly. Invoking Sarah Plain in regards to any serious economic discussion isn't intellectually honest, it's just cheap politics.


Anonymous rose said...

"I usually talk about the bailout in speeches these days. We all need to understand it because it is a robbery in progress, the greatest heist in monetary history."

Has Klein noticed that when Barack Obama is accused of being anti-business, he often defends himself by taking credit for financial stabilization and the success of TARP and other financial bailout programs? GM? Chrysler?

You should love her. She's accidently making the case that you can't trust republicans or democrats.

9:58 AM  
Blogger lonely libertarian said...

Klein accidentally makes a lot of great points. Unfortunately, those great points about how the government literally hands over billions of taxpayer dollars to certain big businesses are always placed in the context of the evil free market being the problem.

3:41 PM  

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