Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm having trouble accepting the premise of HBO's new series Hung as the show progresses this initial season. Thomas Jane's Ray Drecker has lost his home to a fire, lost his kids to his ex-wife, and lost his wallet to his first client, a crazed fashion consultant. Nearly at the end of this week's episode, Drecker has yet to service a paid client and he's still living in a tent in his backyard because he hasn't been able to repair his house. But here's the problem: Drecker is a high school history teacher and basketball coach and, apparently, according to his narration, is a former professional athlete. I can understand that the guy didn't have home owners insurance. But what I can't understand is how a guy that's got to be making at least 50k has to rely on charity to by a new support beam for his burned out roof and can't come up with 100 bucks for what the car wash fund can't cover. It just makes no damn sense and is a plot hole that keeps growing wider and wider. Maybe there's an explanation, like some sort of debt, but four episodes in, they haven't mentioned it yet.


Blogger McMc said...

Here's the problem: People watching this show aren't watching to find out about his monetary troubles. They are watching because it's a show about a guy with a big schlong who is whoring himself out. That's the real premise, everything else is just secondary. Same with Weeds. No one cares why she's selling drugs, the whole idea is that it's a suburban mom selling drugs. That's what sucks people in and you can tell that from the get go it was more of an idea than a story, because they can't get anything else out of the story.

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Blogger lonely libertarian said...

Yeah, you're probably right. It just irks me that people try and lump all of the premium channel shows together when in reality, some of this stuff is really just a step above Two and a Half Men and miles from great shows like The Wire, Curb, or Six Feet Under (which I mention cuz I just finished last night).

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