Friday, April 17, 2009

To Boldly Go, Part 1 : Introduction

In just three weeks, JJ Abrams re-imagining of Star Trek hits the big screen, marking the 11th time sci-fi phenomenon has graced the big screen. It's also the first time in four years a new installment of the Star Trek franchise has reached the public, relevant because from the premier of Star Trek: The Next Generation in September 1987 to the end of Star Trek: Enterprise in May 2005 the world has been blessed (or cursed) with one incarnation or another of Trek on the small screen (not to mention the two original Trek and four Next Generation films that were released in the same period).

As someone who grew up with all things Star Trek, left it behind in adolescence, and rediscovered it in adulthood, I figure this blog would be a very appropriate forum to discuss Star Trek, past, present, and future (although mostly past I suppose). Since my discovery of the wonderful technology of DVR, I've spent the last few years making my way through the more than 250 hours that make up Voyager and Enterprise. I've had posts about these two shows kicking around for quite a while now and this seemed a good as time as any to incorporate them into something readable. I finished Voyager late last summer and am currently near the end of Enterprise's third season. As to the other Treks, I've seen plenty of the original show, I grew up with the Next Generation, and my rediscovery of Deep Space Nine in law school led to my proclamation (which I still maintain today) that it was the best and boldest of all the incarnations of Star Trek.

What I'd like to do here is take a deeper look into all of Star Trek in more detail, examining how Trek has changed over time, why it has apparently declined in popularity, and what the future holds. There seems to be enough buzz to generate some solid numbers for the new Abrams venture, but will this new film be Star Trek in any more but name? And for that matter, what is it that makes Star Trek unique? Over the next three weeks I hope to get up a number of posts on the topic, but in the mean time, to any friends and foes of Star Trek, feel free to leave any comments or questions as to what should be covered.

Live long and prosper.


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