Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brett Bozell Hates South Park (Not A Big Surprise)

Just caught this from a few weeks ago, Brett Bozell's column on the South Park premier, South Park vs. Purity.

But for Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the perennial ninth graders behind "South Park," everything is a sick joke, especially abstinence until marriage. To them, no one could seriously advocate that position and live by it. In their typical crayon-scribble plot, the Jonas Brothers wore purity rings only as a corporate scam run by Disney, so they could "sell sex" to pre-pubescent grade-school girls. The dictatorial CEO of Disney was of course, Mickey Mouse, who screamed profanities and beat up one of the Jonas boys until his nose bled for threatening not to make the purity-ring pitch.

Our "heroes" from South Park eventually exposed Mickey Mouse and his plot, turning up the microphone at the concert hall as Mickey sneered backstage that he makes money when little girls are sexually aroused, and "little girls are f---ing stupid. The purity rings make it OK for me to do whatever I want! Even the Christians are too f---ing stupid to figure out I'm selling sex to their daughters. I've made billions off Christian ignorance for decades now. And do you know why? Because Christians are retarded. They believe in a talking dead guy."

Since Mickey was defeated, "South Park" producers might try to argue the uptight Christians somehow won in this defeat of cynical, purity-exploiting Disney. But once again, it's quite clear that the people who think that the little girls and the Jonas Brothers and the purity-ring promoters and the Christians are idiots are the "South Park" crowd and their backers at Comedy Central. No matter how much they try to shift the blame, they are the profanity-spewing corporate rats who profit every time children are corrupted.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As someone who used to work for Disney and was jerked around by them, I would have to agree with the "South Park" model of Mickey Mouse.

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