Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sorry For The Slow Posting

Despite the large amounts of free time I can sometimes find in between adjudicating parking tickets, it's still tough to find the time to focus on two big hobbies. So, I haven't blogged in a week, mostly because I've been very, very busy focusing on my first ever fantasy baseball auction, which might I add, was a blast.

And what's the use, really? The worst news isn't coming from the economy, but from Washington, where the new administration seems determined to fix every problem and hardship associated with the economy. The intensification of partisan politics hasn't helped things either. It's troubling that the Obama administration has taken the Bush approach to the war on terror and applied it to the economy and on the opposite side of the aisle it's unproductive to play out the debate in partisan or even ideological terms. When Republican's in Washington oppose the administration's actions in regards to the economy, their standing on the shaky ground of eight years of big government Republicanism. That doesn't mean they're not doing some good, but they've got a lot of history to overcome to sell their arguments to the American public. Forget about partisan politics for a second and the truth is that great moderate middle of American politics has tilted greatly in favor of a large and active government which is exactly why the socialist name-calling is unproductive.

People are upset with Wall Street and people are upset with government, but very few on the left or in the middle have come to the realization that the very same people who've made bad decisions in the past are proposing to now fix even larger and more complicated problems. I mentioned this weeks ago, but limited government needs a news salesman- Hell, it needs a whole new sales staff. Until people can abandon the ridiculous notion that government of any sort has the special power to fix the economy, we're in trouble.


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