Monday, February 02, 2009

Sorry Battlestar, Maybe I was a bit too harsh

Last week I declared Battlestar Galactica had jumped the shark, further more indicating that my deceleration was a long time in coming. Then I watched last Friday's episode, "The Oath", and once again had my interest piqued. I'll maintain that the setup was horrible, but what we've been left with should make for a very fulfilling ending. After a whole season where characters stopped and stuttered back and forth, the writers finally gave our characters a chance to have some real purpose. I'm still troubled by Gaeta's decision to mutiny, but it's an interesting turn for his character. More importantly, we have the chance for virtually all of our main characters, humans, new Cylons, and old Cylons to finally work together for a common goal. There was an energy in that last episode, an energy to the characters of the sort I hadn't seen since the New Caprica arc, which at this point was a season and a half ago. I'd be very impressed if the show could finish off on a high note.


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