Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Reason's Matt Welch has a brief, concise critique of how some of the early change being offered is just more of the same:

For all of Candidate Obama's happy talk about being careful with the public monies, shutting down programs that don't work and getting beyond the tired policies of yesteryear, is there any evidence so far that on domestic policy he is offering one iota of change from the Democratic playbook of the last XX years? Fantasia notwithstanding, there is a limited supply of money the government can spend, so I would think that a politician who took "change" seriously would want to spend that money in new ways, rather than newly spend more of that money in old ways. Seeing as how transportation infrastructure and K-12 performance (among god knows how many other expressed priorities) do not currently work worth a damn, shoveling more money at the same-old strikes me, at best, as a horribly bungled opportunity.


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