Friday, May 02, 2008

I Have Absolutely Zero Sympathy For You

From today's Hartford Courant: Luxury SUV owners feeling the pinch.

Yet another example of how we're redefining just what hardship is. In this day and age, having trouble affording a reasonable car may be a hardship- having trouble affording your $40,000 to $50,000 luxury SUV is not a hardship, that's just stupidity.


Anonymous b.rose said...

The Courant is awful. There was an article in there the other day about a woman with a disabled husband and two disabled children who wasn't getting any kind of support from the local government.

Truly a sad story. But the truth of the matter was far from what the courant claimed. I know the assessor who worked on the woman's house. In addition to all the money she was receiving from the govt. and from charities, she didn't want to pay taxes on her house. Seems reasonable enough. Except that the issue of taxes, was only an issue due to multiple expansions she'd put on the house, granite counter tops, a million other unneccessary things and in inground pool. All these things that her disabled family members could never use, which drove the value of her house and her property taxes to astronomic levels.

Again, obviously I have more sympathy for this woman than some moron who bought a 50K car on his 50K salary, but you get the point. Sob stories sell papers and sob stories told by politicians sell regulation.

2:04 PM  
Anonymous b.rose said...

Which leads me to what I've been telling people I think is going to happen in the general election. Basically the theme of my theory is that loud mouthed, entitled whiners are the people we hear lobbying and crying and it is who politicians think they have to sell themselves to.

But the US, especially between the coasts is made up of driven, old-fashioned, blue-collar, self-sufficient Americans. They don't hoot and holler and you forget they exist.

They're the silent majority.

And they're not going to buy into this "the world is ending" babble coming from democrats. They worked, they waited, they bought a house they could afford. They don't want to hear about bailing out some "helpless" person who foreclosed. Or about how some politician is going to bring hope and change to their lives, because they know America is still a place where people who are willing to work hard make a good life for themselves.

They're the silent majority that you don't hear from until November. And they're not going to identify with the blame-america, "hope and change", "you can't take care of yourself, so let the government take care of you" socialists.

2:17 PM  

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