Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Sometimes I get the feeling that those on the left would actually be happy if George Bush overthrew our democratic system and became an evil dictator, just so they could say, "I told you so." With that in mind, don't ask me how I found this insanity.

Picture a totalitarian United States: With no end in sight to the War on Terror, fourth-term President George Blush rules without restraint. The Constitution has been replaced with a "Patriotic Citizen's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities," and the country has been renamed "God's United States." The opposition party has been outlawed, and 20 million Americans languish in Homeland Security prison camps. This terrifying political thriller conjures up a vision of the future that lays bare the most incendiary political issues of our day.

Seriously though, what motivates someone to write this? This isn't some dark, creative cyberpunk tale, it's a lame polemic on where crazy people think we are and where crazy people apparently think we're going.


Anonymous b.rose said...

hahaha the reviews on the site are priceless.

in fairly related news...


"We can't drill our way to lower prices," said Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill.

There's only one way to interpret this. Durbin believes that increasing the supply of oil...scratch that...increasing the supply of SECURE oil won't...excuse me "can't" lower prices.

Just as Mike Huckabee doesn't subscribe to the whole whacky evolution "theory", Dick Durbin isn't about to buy into this whole mysterious supply and demand myth.

Damn, Illinois has some top notch senators huh?

At the same time as we're not allowed to obtain some American controlled sources of oil, the senate is also demanding that we stop sending Oil into the nation's strategic reserve. Hmmm, somehow this doesn't sound like a good long term plan to me; reduce oil's availability to us, while being dependant on unstable nations who don't like us.

Dick Durbin watch your back. Ron Paul is hunting you.

2:15 PM  
Blogger lonely libertarian said...

See, that's the reason I say I'd rather the political world be a debate between conservatives and libertarians. Let conservatives and libertarians debate the war- there should never be an easy right or wrong answer when it comes to war. And let conservatives and libertarians debate issues like abortion- there's no right answer when it comes to conflicting interpretations of morality. But supply and demand? I mean come on, that's just not a question of opinion

4:04 PM  

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