Thursday, May 08, 2008

Regs Gone Wild

This is just the sort of thing that gives me goosebumps, liberals complaining about regulation. It's the same old story, people who love the idea of strict regulation until it rubs them the wrong way. In this case, it's stricter enforcement of food safety regulations (in the wake of the spinach e.coli outbreak of 2006) getting in the way of environmentally friendly farming and efforts to farm the land while maintaining biodiversity.

The best part is (or worst part, really) that it's the same old story. Regulation is designed first and foremost with the needs and wants of the big boys in mind, while small businesses (in this case smaller organic farmers) are the ones who really feel the bite of the vast regulatory state.

Updated on 5/8/2008 @ 11:25 AM : Just a brief note on food safety regs and food safety in general. The quickest, safest, cheapest method to ensure food safety is irradiation, but talk of irradiation tends to be squashed by environmental crazies.

All that being said, farmers should be able to provide consumers with all natural, organic products, including things the FDA regards as dangerous, like unpasteurized milk. If producers want to sell it and consumers want to buy it, who is government to stand in the way.


Anonymous b.rose said...

Unrelated question/thought. Politicians never miss a good opportunity to voice their outrage at whatever is happening around the world if it'll make them sound good.

So with the junta in Myanmar essentially killing civilians by preventing aid from entering the country, why are we hearing nothing? Excuse me, no, Al Gore spoke up to directly attribute the cyclone to global warming. If what is happening in Myanmar isn't a human rights violation and I haven't heard anyone call it that, then what is? We've got Gore citing global warming as the problem here. What a joke our supposed world leaders are.

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