Monday, February 18, 2008

Just Some TV Blogging

Just a few short blog posts -

First, Jericho made it's return last week, making it's first on-air appearance since fans of the show bombarded CBS with thousands of pounds of nuts in an attempt to get the network to rescind it's cancellation of the show. The network brought the show back and made for at least one happy blogger. I know I haven't blogged much about it before, but it's an incredibly enjoyable, if not quite great program- anyone who's into any of the other shows I've blogged about would enjoy Jericho. That being said, I have some good and bad thoughts about the new season. I love the fact that we're getting to see more about what happened to the rest of the country since the bombs went off. After last season's isolation, this season will be a period of reintegration with the rest of the country (or at least, the Western states). The bad probably stems from the fact that this season is only going to be seven episodes. So many of the characters seemed to be missing in last week's episode and I can't imagine them having much to do given the direction the plot seems to be heading. Last week there was no Dale, no Skyler, no Bonnie, no Hawkins kids, and maybe most importantly, no Gayle Green, who always seemed to be the heart of the small Kansas town. Clearly, this season is more down to business, more focussed on action, but it's sort of a shame to see the show's age diversity go by the wayside- there weren't too many other shows on tv that actually took the time to flesh out characters of virtually every age group.

Second, to those of you with good Video On Demand Service and a Showtime subscription, I'd highly recommend David Duchovony's series Californication. The show aired this past summer with 12 half-hour episodes, so it's the sort of thing you can watch over a long gray weekend ... which is precisely what the future Mrs. Lonely libertarian and I did this past weekend. There's a lot of sex, drugs, and bad language, but if you're not opposed to all that, then the show is more than worth a gander. To be extremely brief, the show features Duchovny as a southern California writer struggling with his career, his daughter, and soon to be newlywed ex-wife. What amazes me is the consistent quality of these subscription cable network shows. Meanwhile, the broadcast networks provide us gems like Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory.


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