Monday, February 18, 2008

Dude, Where's My Super Bowl Ring?

Under the category of stupid lawsuits comes the story of former Rams player Willie Gary, suing the New England Patriots in a multi-million dollar suit over allegations the Patriots secretly filmed the Rams final walk through practice the day before Super Bowl XXXVI. You're not alone if you don't remember Willie Gary. Gary was an undrafted defensive back with the Rams in 2001 who was cut before the 2002 season.

Now we don't need to rehash the multiple spygate stories here - I'm just blogging to point out that the lawsuit has no merit even if the Patriots did in fact secretly record the Rams before that Super Bowl. You can't sue because a team broke the rules of the game - you sue when people break the law. You also sue when you have some sort of a claim for damages, not when you suck and can't make the awful 2002 Rams (7-9).


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