Sunday, June 10, 2007

Parties With Your Mom Home ... Priceless

I love Radley Balco and I'm glad he's back in the states and blogging on a regular basis again. That being said, allow me to link to his post on a Virginia woman who is going to spend 27 months in jail after serving alcohol at her teenage son's party. Oh, and by the way- this was one of those parties where she took all the kids keys so that none of them would drive drunk.

Yes, I do understand that the law was broken, but what good does it do for anyone to send this woman to jail for over two years? (I suppose if you're a strong believer in deterrence theory, then maybe this sentence wasn't harsh enough, but then again, how bad was this behavior that we really need deterrence in the first place?) Personally, I think this is just the perfect example of how our laws go too far- too far in that we take a social problem (either real or perceived) and address that problem by passing what end up being draconian measures that far exceed the scope of the problem in the first place. I'm curious as to other people's thoughts. Is this as ridiculous as I think it is?


Blogger John said...

C'mon, this all makes perfect sense. The woman was a being a "bad" mother, so now her child has no mother for 27 months. Genius....

9:00 PM  

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